I am a Post-doc researcher at the Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology Lab (InForest Research Unit CEMFOR-CTFC, Spain). I am currently working at UQAM Université du Québec à Montréal -Département des sciences biologiques- Centre d’étude de la Forêt (CEF), in Canada, under the supervision of Pr. Dr. Pierre Drapeau

My current research is aimed at: a) unravelling the interacting (antagonic, additive and synergistic) effects of multiple stressors on biodiversity (at both species and community level) in Mediterranean and Boreal ecosystems using spatially-explicit landscape simulation models, remote sensing, species distribution models, ecological indicators and large datasets; b) assessing and forecasting the impacts of global change drivers (mainly human-altered fire regimes, land-use change and climate change) on biodiversity and ecosystem services under a wide range of socio-ecological scenarios using novel and integrative approaches; and, c) monitoring the effectinevess and efficiency of protected area networks in conserving biodiversity and their habitats using remote sensing data and spatial conservation prioritization tools. I am also interested on cost–benefits evaluations of forest and fire management, and conservation actions.

I use many research tools including field surveys, statistical modelling, computer simulation, remote sensing, spatial analysis and geographic information systems.

Research Interests
Landscape ecology, terrestrial animal ecology, fire ecology, biogeography, conservation ecology, remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems, geographic information science

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